• Planter World-BSN Fabricating started in the Nutter family's garage in Bucks County, PA during a cold winter in the mid 1980's.  The garage was storing many tiles instead of the family vehicles.  To use some of the tiles, Charles, a masonry contractor, made molds and poured concrete planters then added tiles to them to sell to his customers the following spring.  They were a hit with his customers!  A couple years later his wife and teenage son and daughter began selling at a local outdoor market and found that people really liked the product and wanted more selection and variety.  And so began a family business which has lasted for almost 30 years!
  •   In the mid 1990's, the Nutters' adult son, who is a welder by trade, added his talents by making steel frames for tables and benches which were then completed with tile inlays. In the past 20 years, Brad has added many artistic sculptures and folk art metal pieces to the inventory offered for sale at art and craft festivals and galleries. 
  •   In 2006 the family relocated to southcentral VA. They continue to create unique products for your home and sell them mainly at art and craft festivals.  The contact page has locations  where you can find a variety of the family's unique handcrafted products.
  •   Custom orders are always welcomed.