Planter World began with an idea in a garage in the mid 1980's in Southeastern PA. as an offshoot of the family's masonry business.  Charles Nutter made molds and poured his own concrete mix and applied tiles to the containers he made to sell to his masonry customers. The entire Nutter family became involved in the  designing, handcrafting, and marketing over the next few years.  The  planters, called "A Nutter Pot"s  became the backbone of the small family company for over 20 years.  Since the beginnings Planter World has added many styles and sizes of planters, birdbaths, original one of a kind fountains, and much custom work.  In the mid 1990's, son Brad complimented the concrete and tile business by adding ornamental metal benches and tables - in which Planter World installs tile inlays- interior and exterior lamps with tiles, and many other original metal pieces.  The metal fabricating business, called BSN Fabricating, designs and fabricates ornamental, functional art and utilitarian  metal pieces. 
   Over the years Planter World and BSN Fabricating have had many satisfied customers who find the unique, handcrafted pieces are  welcome additions to their homes,  gardens and businesses.

We have a gallery of pictures on  We attend a few fine art and craft festivals throughout the year to sell our products.  To contact us or see which Art and Craft events we will be attending, go to our "contact us" page.