Planter World planters and birdbaths are molded concrete with reinforcing fiber in the mix. Birdbaths also have steel reinforcing.  We use frost proof porcelain tiles and seal all concrete products with masonry sealer to add life to them. 
Benches, table and chairs below the birdbaths are a combination of metal work with tile inlays. We show a selection of styles and various ideas for the inlays.  Products shown on this page are more recent additions to our inventory. Some may have been sold but we do take orders for similar products.  If you wish to order, see our contact page.
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Planters are arranged in size from small to larger starting at the top of the page. Price ranges from $32.00 to  $365.00 for the largest planter at the bottom of the planter section.
Mini birdbaths are one piece and are priced  at $72.00/ The larger  sizes  are 2 piece . They are priced from $135.00 to $345.00 for the larger sizes.
Tables , chairs and benches are all fabricated steel with tile inlay on cement. They are sealed with masonry sealer. All metal is painted with high quality metal paints.. Below is a variety of types of tables, chairs and benches .The smallest table shown is 12"x 12" and is $85.00.  All  pieces are priced according to detail and size.